We Go Deeper

Elevating patient care through advanced diagnostics and medical services.


  • Full-service in-house and reference laboratory
  • Radiographs (digital x-rays)
  • Dental Radiographs
  • Ultrasound
  • Ultrasound-guided cystocentesis (for difficult to obtain urine samples)
  • Fine needle aspirations (to diagnose lumps and bumps)
  • ECG (electrocardiography)
  • DNA testing
  • Cancer screening
  • DNA testing
Here, we find answers.

  • Diabetes testing and treatment
  • Cold laser therapy: This therapy works wonders for arthritis, wounds, incisions, hot spots, and numerous other conditions.
  • Allergy (serum) testing and management
  • Cytology (microscopic examination of cell samples to diagnose growths/masses, bodily fluids, internal organ fluids. Dr. Priddy and Dr. Parker create slides to perform cytology on multiple patients daily to assess what type of microorganism is growing in a wound or infected ear.
  • Cytology, along with regularly performing a bacterial culture (in-house and reference lab) allows us to be better stewards of anti microbials (prevent resistance) and also pinpoint the correct cure so the patients family is saved the frustration and expense of trial and error.
  • Pain and arthritis management
Medical Services