Information Regarding the Coronavirus

PLEASE NOTE: New temporary hours due to COVID-19:
Monday 7:30-5:30, Wednesday 7:30-5:30, Friday 7:30-5:30

As Judge Jenkins continues his live press conference regarding his order to shelter in place, he has defined “essential businesses” to include veterinarians.

  • We will be available, but no one except employees will be allowed in the clinic.
  • Appointments required for EVERYTHING except life/death emergencies. Even pick ups.
  • Please EMAIL instead of calling. Phone lines reserved for when our appointments are arriving and during exams.
  • Please do not park next to another vehicle (should be many spaces open since our neighbors are non-essential).
  • We will get your pet from rear of vehicle (cats, small dogs in carriers).
  • We will call you while you wait in your car as we examine/treat your pet.
  • If you need to pick up food or meds, please call ahead, we will let you know when to pick up and take payment over phone in advance. At your pick up time, call when arrive in parking lot, we will place items in front of your vehicle.
  • This week’s scheduled procedures and appointments continue as planned
  • Stay tuned here and to our Facebook page for updates, as we may have to adjust hours soon.

Thank you for understanding, cooperation and patience. We have an obligation to protect pets and also the human community.


Please click the button below to read important additional information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Previous Updates

Dear Clients + Furry Friends,

IMPORTANT! SARS-CoV-2 (also known as COVID-19) UPDATE!

The health and well-being of your pet is our top priority, and as supporters of the AVMA One Health initiative, our role in protecting the community goes beyond the health of your pets as we consider the impact on families and communities. As news of SARS-CoV-2 and restrictions on social interactions in our community continues to develop, we are monitoring the situation closely. Please understand that we have made the informed decision to take these additional precautions after careful consideration and with community health in mind.

WE ARE WORKING and STILL AVAILABLE but have been operating under modified workflow for the last week. For the health and safety of our community and our staff, we ask the following of our clients:

  • In adherence to CDC, TVMA, AVMA and other local guidelines, only staff in/out of the building beginning Monday March 23. WE ARE STILL OPEN + WORKING, but please STAY IN YOUR CAR and call us, or message us through the Petlocity App.
  • If you are feeling ill or experiencing flu-like symptoms, have travelled to/from a US city or state or another country with confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 or have been exposed to anyone who might have this illness and have a non-critical or emergency appointment for your pet, we kindly ask that you call us to reschedule.
  • If you are healthy with no signs of illness, have NOT recently travelled to any country or US state/city with a confirmed cases or exposed to anyone who has travelled or experienced any cough, sore throat, fever/aches chest pain, please proceed to the clinic for your SCHEDULED appointment time for curb-side service (don’t come to the door):
    • put an easily removable leash/collar on dogs OR small dogs+cats in carriers, in the BACK of your car, please limit # people coming with you.
    • maintain 6′ distance from others and we will call you and get a history, treatment recommendations and answer any questions via phone while you wait in your car.
    • appropriate hand washing before and after bringing your pet to the clinic.
  • If your pet requires urgent care or has a medical emergency, and you are ill, please arrange for a trusted friend, neighbor, or healthy family member to transport your pet to our hospital or MedVet. IF that’s not possible, call ahead, we will do our best to make appropriate arrangements.
  • FOOD, MEDICATION AND SUPPLEMENT PICKUP: Please CALL AHEAD, be prepared to provide your credit card information over the phone IN ADVANCE or write a check and drop it in the mail slot in the all glass locked door to the left of our main door.

While the CDC and other health authorities have indicated that dogs, cats, and other domestic animals  are not considered at risk  for contracting SARS-CoV-2, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of humans inside and outside our facilities— notably our clients and staff. Keeping our practice “hospital-clean” has always been a top priority for us, and we continue to do so as described in our most recent communication. Additionally, for the safety of our team and your family we are monitoring CDC recommendations and are and will continue to update protocols as needed.

For more information and health guidance regarding COVID-19, please visit the CDC or WHO websites. For any other questions, emailing us is best right now.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in these challenging times. We’re still here for you!

All the Warm+Fuzzies,

Dr. Priddy + the team at Dallas Veterinary Clinic


Dear furry+human friends,

We are still open. We do not fall under the “non-essential business” category. We have always sanitized with the most effective and safest disinfectant available (it’s called Rescue for the animal health industry. It’s expensive but we’ve never thought twice, and we made the right decision). We are thankful for our new space designed with privacy in mind by bringing each client/pet food directly into individual exam rooms and minimal interaction in reception. This has already been our business model the last few years. We have the capacity to accept payment in the same exam room so you can leave directly. As an additional option for our vulnerable clients out there: we will come to your car to get your pet to promote social distancing and help protect you. We can offer more drop-off appointments for sick pets. We may ask that you sign consent forms via email or take a photo with your phone and send them back to us. I have a phone call with a telehealth administrator group soon and may have that as an additional option for established patients, but it will be limited. We may have more options available next week. Hang in there and know that we are working on how to serve our patients in the most responsible and safe way possible. We may be in uncharted territory but we are no strangers to challenges and will adapt. Thank you for your loyalty to small businesses (LoveLocal!) during these trying times.
Peace, love and health, Dr & Mrs Priddy


Dear Friends (furry+human),

As the weight of the world is upon us, please know that we are still here for you and your pets. While COVID-19 is the current concern for public health, we are cognizant that there is always a concern at some level. We already disinfect our space with the leading and most effective disinfectant on the market (, we are increasing frequency of cleaning, asking staff to wear N95 masks during appointments in rooms and increasing disinfecting measures of common spaces and high traffic areas such as door handles, etc. We are closely monitoring the situation as it unfolds and are looking into pet telehealth regulations.

If you are part of our community, how can we assist you? Are you over 50 or immunocompromised and don’t think it’s a good idea to venture out? Could we help by delivering groceries and/or pet supplies to your home? If we can, we will! Email us!

Hang in there friends, and as Neil Young would croon: “keep on rockin’ in the free world”.

Peace, love and health, Dr & Mrs Priddy

Dallas Veterinary Clinic

Caring for the pets of Dallas and beyond.
Dallas Veterinary Clinic is a full-service animal hospital and welcomes both emergency treatment cases as well as pet patients in need of routine medical, surgical, and dental care. Dr. Ashley W. Priddy has years of experience performing surgeries, treating serious conditions, and offering regular pet wellness care. Beyond first-rate pet care, we make our clinic comfortable, kid-friendly, and calm (well, as much as possible!), so your pet can and look forward to meeting or following up with Dr. Priddy and our staff.
Pet nutrition news…an update

Who We Are

Dallas Veterinary Clinic is a private, local, family-owned small business where we get to know our clients and furry friends who become part of our DVC family as we care for them over their lifetime. Dr. Ashley W. Priddy and his wife, Mrs. Ashley J. Priddy purchased the practice from Dr. Mark Tolleson in 2016. Dallas Veterinary Clinic has been locally owned and operated since 1965 and we are the 3rd owners. Dr. White opened Dallas Veterinary Clinic in a shopping center behind North Park Centre soon after the shopping mall was built in 1965. That row of shops was demolished in the 1990s to make way for expansion and parking, and Dr. Tolleson bought the practice from Dr. White and re-opened the clinic at Walnut Hill & Central Expy in 1998.  When that shopping center was acquired and redeveloped our lease was canceled and we are grateful to have found our forever home on Sherry Lane…right where we are supposed to be!  Thank you for supporting our small local family-owned business! #LoveLocal.

With heavy hearts, we would like to share that Dr. Tolleson passed away in mid September, after a brave five year battle with cancer. Dr. Mark Tolleson built a successful career as a solo veterinarian at Dallas Veterinary Clinic for over 40 years and was adored by so many, both furry and human, friends. We know he will be welcomed into heaven and greeted at the rainbow bridge by so many he had cared for over the years. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Mission Statement

We work diligently to provide the highest standard of veterinary medical care tailored to each individual pet and exceptional client service to our local community in a calm, comfortable and compassionate environment.
Dallas Veterinary Clinic’s Core Values
Kindness matters. We will maintain a kind and respectful environment.
We treat each pet as if they were our own family members; provide honest and ethical advice, treatment and care to every client every time.
We do more than treat pets; we nurture the human-animal bond. Pet ownership can be very rewarding, but also stressful at times. We believe it is a privilege to be responsible for the life of a pet. We offer compassion and understanding, and we expect everyone who walks through our doors to reciprocate.

We endeavor to keep ourselves and our clients and the local community apprised of how to keep pets and families healthy, advances or changes in the field/standards, and how pet owner decisions often ultimately impact public health.

We expect our doctors to obtain 50 hours per year (over the minimum 15/year) of continuing education to stay on top of all advances in veterinary medicine so that they are highly informed and trained to offer the best possible care.

We provide our employees with opportunities to attend continuing education dinners, state + national conferences, and we bring educators in-house regularly for training.

Our community outreach efforts include talking with school groups, advising local charities/rescues, and we host vet and vet assistant students as a clinical site for obtaining practicum hours or intern/externships in our hospital.

Each team member contributes individual talents and skills to encourage positive culture and achievement of common goals of: providing highest quality patient care and development of trusting long-term relationships among the team and with our clients.
We have been taking our two dogs to Dr. Priddy for a few months (we had to switch vets when we moved to a different part of town) and he and his staff have been absolutely great! Dr. Priddy gives every pet one-on-one attention and even in just a few visits has gotten to know our dogs well. We get in and out on time – they always follow up with phone calls and are very responsive to emails. I also love that Dr. Priddy is a solo – versus some offices that have multiple vets on staff and you never know who you may get that day. Absolutely love Dr. Priddy and his staff! Sakina R.

I recently took my two dogs to get established as new clients and I was very impressed with the kindness and professionalism of the staff when I arrived. As a little objective feedback, we have NEVER been to a vet where our appointment ran on time and where the vet was waiting for us in the room. For the last 32 years, vet appointments mean marking out half of a morning. We were in a room meeting Dr. Priddy in less than 5 minutes upon arrival. Never have these dogs had anyone get down on the floor to meet them and there he was – introducing himself on THEIR level. You know how dogs and small kids can sniff out a person and their spirit in a heartbeat? Well, my Bailey is blind and Freckles had a very bad experience with our previous vet’s staff. I was worried…..but it was immediate puppy love upon meeting Dr. Priddy! Both dogs also were quite fond of his assistant, too, as I saw them give her kisses and hugs. They never flinched with his injections and extractions. It was very trusting behavior of someone they had never met ~ and surely couldn’t quite “see.” I’m so happy with Bailey’ and Freckles’ responses to the entire visit. This household has such peace of mind now knowing we are in very capable and loving hands….and that’s a priceless gift. Thank you. Kathleen D.

Dr. Priddy is a gem! He recently treated my 13 year old Cavalier King Charles, Deanie, for a major GI issue. She had been groomed, boarded and vaccinated by Dr. Tolleson for ages but never did she have a major illness until this week. Dr. Priddy saw her immediately and was extremely thorough and compassionate. She had to be left at the clinic but he followed up each blood test, x-ray and surgical procedure with a phone call update. Deanie seems to be back to her lumbering, shuffling, senior canine status. Thank You, Dr. Priddy and staff! Ellen E.

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