Our Pawlicies

As the owner of Dallas Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Priddy endeavors to provide a high standard of care to all of our patients. We are here to provide care for your furry friends throughout their lifetime, treating the whole pet, not just when they’re sick. Meeting your pets’ needs will likely include preventative care, maintaining consistent year-round heartworm/flea/tick prevention, dentistry, nutrition consultation and maintenance, regular wellness check-ups, surgeries, acute illness, ongoing treatment of chronic conditions, and also providing Spa or Inpatient Care Services to your pet.

Our team at Dallas Veterinary Clinic is committed to ensuring that our clients have peace of mind knowing that their pets are in the best hands and receive the gold standard of care in our modern, safe and comfortable facility. In order to honor these standards and expectations in our practice, we have set policies according to and per recommendations of the AVMA, AAHA, and CAPC in order to uphold our core values and provide a safe environment for all pets.

Sign & Submit Policies Agreement to Request Appointment

Policies Agreement

Our mission is to provide high level, evidence-based medicine in a comfortable and clean environment with exceptional client communication throughout your pet’s lifetime.
In order to accomplish this, we have set the following policies, in alignment with our core values:

Rabies vaccination is a legal requirement by the State of Texas, the responsibility of pet owners to ensure their pets’ vaccine is always up to date, and we do NOT make ANY exceptions, as the law does not recognize any, not even titer testing. If you don’t want to vaccinate your pet, you will be refused services and we will be forced to terminate the VCPR and send your records elsewhere.

We require a completed new client application and any prior veterinary records in order to book an appointment for new clients. All new clients must have a current valid credit card on file. We take a NON-REFUNDABLE $85 deposit to cover the exam/consultation fee to schedule the initial appointment. I understand and agree that if I change my mind about the policies or disagree after paying the deposit, it is still non-refundable.

Prescriptions + Refills
Our clients have three options to fill their pets’ medications:

  • Support a locally-owned business and purchase directly from us (ask for coupons/rebates)! We know your pet and stock what our doctors regularly prescribe (many medications require temperature control, which we ensure year round).
  • Need convenience of home delivery? Click on the “pharmacy” button on the main page to visit our online home delivery pharmacy (verified sources-directly from manufacturers-no fake product, rebates always available, often free shipping!)
  • If you still prefer to obtain pet meds elsewhere, we will ask that you sign a waiver acknowledging we are not liable for any product failures, reactions, or problems for incorrect or fake product purchased on an open/unregulated marketplace, pay a $10 record review / script writing time fee (if not during a Dr appt), and pick up a paper written script.*We do not authorize any prescriptions or refills over the phone, we do not have a fax line/machine (Chewy repeatedly tells people they sent a fax when they couldn’t have), and are unable to email or mail scripts due to FDA, TBVME, pharmacy board, quality control, and other regulations. Any online orders submitted electronically will not be approved except through our verified home delivery pharmacy.

Please allow up to 48 business hours to fill prescriptions or provide written scripts, although most can be filled from our pharmacy same-day.

Late Fee / Walk-ins
We strive to respect your time with timely appointments, yet giving adequate time & attention to answer your questions/concerns & provide top-notch care. Arrivals more than 10 min late will be worked in if possible for a (currently, subject to change at any time) $20 late arrival or walk-in work-in fee.

Inpatient Care
We provide inp atient care for additional $20. The fee is $20 for inpatient care in addition to exam and all services/tests/diagnostics, etc. Patients who require urgent care can be worked-in with same-day hospital admittance. As a value added service for our established clients who need to get to work while we provide medical care, pets can stay for the day. Pets are welcome to stay all day or just an hour or two while you run errands. The fee is an additional $20. (*Depending on the care and monitoring required, the DVM may require hospitalization in place of the inpatient care fee). If the pet is not up to date (or verifiable records are not provided in advance) the following will be administered and charged when pet is left at our facility for ANY length of time. I understand and agree that no refunds and no discussions or exceptions will be made.

In case of emergency that you or someone you designate is unable to pick up your pet(s) before closing time, we will feed, water and kennel them overnight in our facility for $100 per weeknight or $300 for weekend night.

Canine guests: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Lepto, Bordetella (within 6 months), Intestinal Parasite Screening (within 6 months), Bivalent Canine Influenza, and heartworm test, and date and type of last flea/tick/heartworm prevention given (if not verifiable, we reserve the right to administer parasite prevention to keep our facility parasite-free).

Feline guests: Feline Leukemia, Rabies, RCP, Intestinal Parasite Screening (within 6 months)

Late Cancellations / No-Shows
24 business hours notice is requ ired to reschedule or cancel. If not, (subject to change at any time) $75 late cancel/noshow fee for Dr. appointments, $25 tech visits & $20 teleconsults will be charged. EVEN if scheduled same-day.

Exams, Consults, Tech Visits
In order to maintain the Veter inarian-Client-Patient Relationship as defined by the AVMA, although exams at least every 6 months is recommended as pets age much faster than humans”. For patients with chronic conditions, Dr. visits and diagnostic monitoring are required at least every 6 months.

As a boutique practice, we know that our clients value resp onsiveness & accessibility to Dr. Priddy and Dr. Parker, and value their expert opinions. In order to provide the best care and service in a timely and fair way, we charge appropriately for our time and unique expertise, whether it’s an in-person doctor visit, a telemed doctor consult (via email or phone), or a technician visit for limited services. Phone call requests or emails to/from our doctors or asking a doctor’s opinion will be charged tele-consult or email consults based on time, $25, $50 or $75. When a second opinion, nutritional consult or other consult requires more than 30 minutes (up to 60 min) of a Dr.’s time (whether in person or via telemed), an additional/extended consult fee will apply.

Surgical Deposits
Surgeries, Dentist ry, or any anesthetic procedures are not scheduled without a paid deposit (currently $100), which is nonrefundable if no-show or cancelled/rescheduled within 3 business days. (ex: an email Saturday afternoon for a Tuesday surgery is not sufficient 3 business day notice as we closed at 12pm Sat and open 7:30am Mon.)

Card on File is Required
Our merchant processing system is integrated with our practice software and is PCI compliant. Stored cards are encrypted, safe, and we can only see the last 4 digits. A current (not expiring in the next 30 days), valid card with adequate credit available is required to be on file at all times. By signing this agreement, client acknowledges that any/all individuals sent on behalf of client or client’s family, are authorized to consent to treatment and/or purchases for or on behalf of any of client’s or family’s pets. Any charges in line with our policies, as updated from time to time on the website, (including Fear Free related extra care fees) are also hereby authorized.

I understand that Fear Free Visits are additional $29 charge at sole discretion of DVM or practice owner’s evaluation of the pet’s Fear and Anxiety score on at each visit (which may vary), and highly skilled, expertise, time and/or other professional services associated with offering a Fear Free experience, based on our professional observation an evaluation of all pets brought into the practice, and I hereby agree.

No refunds, no exchanges, no returns (except pet food purchased in clinic and product is returned within 30 days).