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Dr. Ashley Warren Priddy, BVMS (D.V.M.), MRCVS

Dr. Ashley Warren Priddy, BVMS (D.V.M.), MRCVS

Veterinarian / Owner

Dr. Ashley Warren Priddy always knew he would be a veterinarian.  He is a rare one who genuinely speaks the language of animals, has a huge heart for helping pets and people, and is always developing his natural intellectual talents to serve his patients and our community better.  He is a graduate of the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine in Scotland.

Dr. Priddy was born in Manhattan, NYC and then lived a short while in Washington, D.C.  before moving back to his family’s hometown of Dallas when he was a toddler.  Dr. Priddy grew up in the Park Cities in Dallas, and some of his fondest memories are with the family dog, Oliver, splashing in Turtle Creek at Lakeside Park.  Dr. Priddy is a 3rd-generation Park Cities resident and was named after his grandfather, Ashley H. Priddy, former mayor of Highland Park.

After graduating from Highland Park High School, he attended Baylor University and obtained a degree in history with a minor in business. As an undergraduate, he studied abroad in Africa, living for a short time with a family in a Maasai village in Kenya.  Also as an undergraduate, he adopted his first dog, who was an additional inspiration to his lifelong veterinary aspirations.  Dr. Priddy met the love of his life (what are the chances, she’s also an Ashley!) through mutual friends at Baylor.

After the events of September 11, he fulfilled a long-time desire to serve his country, inspired by generations of family who served and enlisted in the United States Army.  Four years later, after being honorably discharged from the US Army, he was accepted into the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine, home to the most advanced small animal hospital in Europe, which rivals any in the world. 

Dr. and Mrs. Priddy traveled around the world during those five years abroad (often with their Golden Retriever, Chloe who moved with them from TX), and he performed 26 weeks of required clinical studies outside of the University’s teaching.  He worked with a wide range of animals, including sheep, cattle, horses, poultry, wildlife, and exotics, in addition to small companion animals.  In the spring of 2011, he volunteered with Tree of Life for Animals in Rajasthan, India, where he performed surgeries and cared for underprivileged and abandoned animals, ranging from dogs and cats to cattle, monkeys, camels, and goats.

Dr. Priddy is eligible to practice veterinary medicine worldwide, as he is licensed by the North American Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, and is a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (which allows for practice in the United Kingdom, throughout the European Union and Commonwealth countries).  Dr. Priddy goes beyond the minimum continuing education requirements set by the boards; he is a member of the Texas Academy of Veterinary Practice and completes over 50 hours of continuing education annually (compared to 15 hrs), often at international conferences (which provide different perspectives on practice and technique).  He believes there is always something new to learn or improvements to be made to offer the best standard of veterinary medicine.  Dr. Priddy is on the advisory board for Cedar Valley College Veterinary Technology Program, is a member of American Legion Post 453 and also writes veterinary articles for, a website for women over 50.

Dr. Priddy is a general practitioner who is diligent in regularly referring patients to specialists; his professional interests include internal medicine, cytology, pathology, soft tissue surgeries, and educating clients about their role in animal and human public health-particularly with regard to zoonotic diseases. Dr Priddy’s clients and patients benefit from his extensive international network of veterinarian friends who are specialists in various fields of veterinary medicine, with whom he regularly consults for special cases.

Dr. Priddy enjoys travel, outdoor pursuits, reading, scuba diving, running, and constantly learning new things. He is thrilled to own Dallas Veterinary Clinic, with a brand new state-of-the-art facility in the neighborhood where he grew up and is enjoying working hand in hand with his Ashley, as they put their heart and soul into building the most wonderful local veterinary clinic.  He and his wife reside in the Park Cities with their two young children.

Mrs. Ashley J. Priddy, B.B.A., J.D.

Mrs. Ashley J. Priddy, B.B.A., J.D.

The other half of “The Ashleys” dream team is Mrs. Priddy.  She received her Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus in Economics from Baylor University in 2002, and her Doctor of Jurisprudence from South Texas College of Law in Houston in 2005. 

Ashley Johnson Priddy grew up in Granbury Texas with her family, including two of generations of golden retrievers and a couple of quirky kitties.  She spent much of her youth playing sports (soccer from kinder to varsity), water sports on the lake, and competing at the state level in scholastic and debate tournaments.  Dr. and Mrs. Priddy met through mutual friends as undergraduate students at Baylor University.

She won national awards with Baylor University’s Model United Nations team, including “Best Delegation” award at Harvard University as a freshman and the University of Pennsylvania the same year.  As an undergraduate, she earned a place on the team alongside Baylor post-grad students at the national Model UN Conference in New York at the United Nations.  In addition to working several part-time jobs while earning her Bachelors in Business (Economics), she studied International Relations and Public Policy, wrote papers and study guides relating to UNICEF, Human Trafficking, and the Eritrean/Ethiopian conflict.  As a law student, she clerked for a litigation law firm in downtown Houston and studied abroad in Europe to compare trial systems.  Mrs. P took on the new roles of “Army wife” and novice lawyer in central Texas (Ft. Hood) almost simultaneously after graduating law school, just as “Operation Iraqi Freedom” began, and practiced family law and general civil litigation for two years (60+ hour weeks with overflowing caseloads in various district courtrooms in Bell, Coryell, Lampasas and Williamson Counties from CPS cases to international child custody disputes to complex divorces with division of assets divided among international and interstate residents and deployed military). 

Mrs. Priddy took a hiatus from the practice of law to accompany her husband to Scotland for vet school, where she helped fellow ex-pats navigate flat leases, paperwork to obtain bank accounts and visas, and did freelance editorial work for a book published by a Ph.D. who taught politics including American history at two Scottish universities. After some amazing adventures traveling the world with Dr. P during their time abroad, she gave birth to their first child in Scotland and second child in Dallas after moving back home. 

Mrs. Priddy traded her suits for scrubs, and is now the Director of Operations for Dallas Veterinary Clinic, which has involved every aspect of practice management and beyond…finalizing the practice purchase, logo design, rebranding, hiring talent, OSHA and health services compliance, marketing, advertising, community outreach, finance, payroll, negotiating contracts and designing almost every aspect of our new facility.  She also still occasionally assigns herself to kennel duty and answers the phones regularly.  Mom, entrepreneur-leader, cancer survivor,  perpetual student, worker, wanderer, writer, traveler, observer, champion of the underdog, DIY-er, fixer, old soul, no-nonsense, no pretense, supporter of small businesses, believer in karma.  She does some of her best thinking when she sits in the kennel and cuddles a furry friend while pondering the best solutions together.

Jacqueline, LVT

Jacqueline, LVT

Jacque is a Licensed Veterinary Technician with over 29 yrs of experience and wisdom.  She wanted to be a nurse for animals from the time she began kindergarten.   As a girl, she rather enjoyed dressing her dogs and bunnies in doll clothes.  

Jacque became enamored with veterinary medicine in high school after reading the novel “All Creatures Great and Small.”  Little did she know that she would end up working for a real-life James Herriot, as Dr. Priddy is a graduate of the same veterinary program as Herriot in Glasgow, Scotland!  

Jacque graduated from the veterinary technology program at Cedar Valley College in Dallas in 1988.  After working as a veterinary technician for many years, she was driven by her constant desire to learn and grow, so she went back to school to obtain her Bachelors Degree in Veterinary Technology from St. Petersburg College in Florida in 2012. 

Jacque’s experience ranges from working with exotics (avian, reptile, rabbits) to emergency medicine.  Her professional interests include internal medicine, educating clients about the importance of heartworm/flea prevention/testing and pet behavior and preventative health, and she also happens to be DVC’s resident cat whisperer…she has a unique way with even the most feisty felines!

Jacque lives in Dallas with her family, which includes a magnificent menagerie of kitties.  In her spare time, Jacque enjoys reading mystery novels, going to movies, playing table games, going to continuing education conferences for vet nurses, and attending renaissance festivals.

Noelle, CVAII

Noelle, CVAII

Noelle is a Dallas native, raised locally in Mesquite. She helps coordinate clinical flow, manage hospital inventory, and hands-on training for our vet assistant students completing their practicum at DVC. 

With great wisdom, Noelle’s late mother encouraged her to go into the veterinary field, as she knew Noelle has a special connection with animals.  Noelle always seems to get the most puppy kisses!  She is also the best phlebotomist at DVC, as she ensures blood draws are quick and painless for our furry friends.  

Noelle has an associates degree in liberal arts and sciences from Eastfield Community College and has been a veterinary technician for 27 years.  She has an extensive background in internal medicine, diagnostics, and emergency medicine.  

Noelle is currently a Level II Certified Veterinary Assistant and is working on achieving Level III.  Her professional interests include ultrasound, assisting with surgical procedures and sharing her wisdom with clients about pet care and nutrition, and what significant strides the vet industry has made in recent years.

Noelle lives in Dallas with Shadow, a shy but sweet pit bull she rescued from the streets of Dallas, to whom she devotes time and patience slowly socializing.

In her spare time, Noelle enjoys spending time with her nephew, watching his little league games, and attending a variety of rock concerts (she knows Joan Jett!!).  She and Dr. Priddy focus best when rocking out to various genres of music while working in the surgery suite.

Allegra, CVAII Candidate

Allegra, CVAII Candidate

Certified Veterinary Assistant

Allegra grew up in the Park Cities, attended Bradfield Elementary and McCulloch Intermediate School, completed high school at Dana Hall in Wellesley, MA, and returned to Texas for college at TCU. She was eager to begin a career working with animals from a young age, and began her first job working with furry friends when she was 15! Allegra has completed volunteer work at animal hospitals in Costa Rica, where she developed an interest in exotic animal medicine. She has also worked in a variety of veterinary practices: large and small general practices, ophthalmology specialty, and emergency and prefers our focused, non-corporate boutique local clinic culture. When she’s not working or studying, Allegra enjoys working with horses and participating in horseback riding therapy. Pets enjoy Allegra’s easy-going, playful disposition, and clients appreciate that she’s a great listener! We are happy to have her as part of the DVC team and encourage her aspirations to become a veterinarian!



Part-Time Veterinary Assistant

If you’re lucky, you may get to see Tara on occasional Fridays. Tara is our cool and calm part-time veterinary assistant with over twenty years experience! Tara has a way of making everyone feel welcome and part of the family, is easy to talk with and has a great sense of humor. She’s fun to work with and is a wonderful wealth of practical information and guidance for our clients about how to care for furry friends at home. 

It is obvious from the second Tara walks into the exam room that being a veterinary assistant is her passion and talent and she brings joy to our DVC family, clients and furry friends. Her special interests in the field are senior dogs and wellness and preventative dental health for all pets. She’s a super canine and feline dental assistant and hygienist. She now works full time at VSNT as an assistant in animal oncology, but we are thrilled to have her occasionally with us. 

A self-proclaimed cat lady, Tara’s family includes 3 fur-babies: a 14 year old cat named “Mouse”, a 13 year old diabetic cat named “Sassa” and the little stinker- 3 year old cat “Couch.”

When she’s not rocking and rolling with the team at DVC, Tara enjoys spending time with her family (her husband and two teenage boys), spending time at the lake, cooking, taking in live music and the occasional craft beer. Tara is originally from Corpus Christi, and has recently moved back home to Texas after a few years for her husband’s job in Chicago.



Kennel & Spa Attendant / Playtime & Cuddle Coordinator

Our furry friends get so excited when Madaleno is around, it’s non-stop wiggle bums, excited barks and emphatic purrs all around! Madaleno is a Dallas native, and grew up watching and sometimes helping his mom, who is a certified veterinary assistant. Madaleno enjoys muscle cars, going to the movies, music (even our special playlist for our guest furry friends) and most of all-quality cuddle and playtime with all of our furry friends who stay in our hotel or visit our spa. Madaleno enjoys his work with us so much that, when we can’t find him or haven’t seen him around the clinic in a while, we always find him in the kennels on the floor playing or cuddling in one of the suites with one of our guest furry friends! He provides cuddles, walks outside, baths, playtime, ensures everyone’s bowls are always fresh and sparkling clean, and spends extra time for TLC for spa appointments, ensuring a calm experience. Furry friends love him so, and we are so glad to have him as part of our team!



Pre-Vet Student / Assistant

Rachel is a Pre-Vet undergraduate student at SMU, double majoring in Economics. She is from Louisville, Kentucky, and has always wanted to be a veterinarian. Rachel is also a research assistant at SMU. She originally reached out to us temporarily to shadow Dr. Priddy to learn more about how a veterinary practice operates, had really great questions, and we enjoyed her so much we decided to add her part-time to our team of assistants so she could gain some great experience as she prepares to apply to vet school! In addition to her first love of spending time with animals, Rachel enjoys swimming, running, anything outdoors, and has had golden retrievers her entire life! Rachel has an interest in small companion animal medicine and equine medicine. We adore her easy-going approach blended with a genuine love of learning and can-do spirit.


Clinic Cat

Fiona was an orphan at Dallas Veterinary just days after Dr. and Mrs. Priddy purchased the practice. She and her sibling were only a few weeks old, full of parasites and freezing cold in December. The client who found them on his land in North Texas asked to board the kittens until the weather warmed since the feral mother cat had disappeared. While in our care, Dr. Priddy examined Fiona and found that she was born with neurological challenges. After several tests and consulting with vet friends around the world, we knew she would live with this condition throughout her life. She has mostly outgrown the neurological symptoms, but was destined to dwell in the safety and security of DVC as the clinic cat, and is quite comfortable in her position.

She is sassy, particular about her litter box, rules the cat condo room, prefers jazz over classical music, insists that toys are for stashing-not playing. Her favorite activities: walking right up to the biggest dog and swatting the nose, and knocking every single business card off the reception counter, and firmly believes she is the true owner of DVC. Her favorite person is Dr. Priddy’s son, (don’t tell, but she lets Dr. P hold her like a baby occasionally).


We pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest trends in veterinary medicine. We are proudly affiliated with: American Vet Med Assoc, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Texas Academy of Veterinary Practice, Texas Vet Med Assoc, Dallas County Vet Med Assoc, Cedar Valley College Vet Tech Advisory Board, American Legion Post 453, British Small Animal Vet Assoc!
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