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I recently took my two dogs to get established as new clients and I was very impressed with the kindness and professionalism of the staff when I arrived. As a little objective feedback, we have NEVER been to a vet where our appointment ran on time and where the vet was waiting for us in the room. For the last 32 years, vet appointments mean marking out half of a morning. We were in a room meeting Dr. Priddy in less than 5 minutes upon arrival. Never have these dogs had anyone get down on the floor to meet them and there he was – introducing himself on THEIR level. You know how dogs and small kids can sniff out a person and their spirit in a heartbeat? Well, my Bailey is blind and Freckles had a very bad experience with our previous vet’s staff. I was worried…..but it was immediate puppy love upon meeting Dr. Priddy! Both dogs also were quite fond of his assistant, too, as I saw them give her kisses and hugs. They never flinched with his injections and extractions. It was very trusting behavior of someone they had never met ~ and surely couldn’t quite “see.” I’m so happy with Bailey and Freckles’ responses to the entire visit. This household has such peace of mind now knowing we are in very capable and loving hands….and that’s a priceless gift. Thank you.
Kathleen D.

I absolutely love this place! The staff are wonderful and pleasant people. The veterinarian is awesome!!! Will make this our new vet!!!
Renee H.

They’ve been watching after my dog for years. They have a new doctor who is awesome. They’re very knowledgeable and really care about their animals.
David S.

DVC has unmatched service and attention when it comes to Reese, my golden doodle! She is not just another case or appointment to Dr. Priddy and the staff when we come to visit. Great pet care, grooming and customer service. Look no further if you are here in the Dallas Area!
Gibson A.

Dr. Tolleson has retired, but Dr. Priddy is EXCELLENT. The attention he gave us and the care he gave our dog was second to none. It’s clear that he is going to carry on Dr. Tolleson’s work in like manner, which is wonderful because my family members have brought pets here for years.
Megan N.

If you have never enjoyed taking your pet to the vet, here’s a treat. For them, and for you. Dr. Priddy is superbly trained. Blessed with a wonderful personality, and professionally assisted by a splendid staff. Including (at times) his awesome wife. Our 2 Toy Schnauzers give them five stars, too. Cheers!
Ken D.

I have an African Mastiff (Boerboel) puppy that was imported from Russia. She is very distrustful of our prior vet. I was about to be charged $700 from our first vet. I researched thoroughly and decided to come to Dallas Veterinary Clinic in hopes that they would understand the breed better. It was like night and day. The prices were amazing and the Doctor was even better. Staff is great too. Very knowledgeable and they don’t push unnecessary products/vaccinations. Highly recommended.
Holly P.

We love Dr Priddy and his entire staff! As a pet lover that has had dogs with special needs in the past, I have had amazing vets and not so great ones. Dr Priddy is one of the amazing animal lovers. My two pups are always happy to see him, and he keeps me informed of any up to date treatments or medications that may benefit them. He is very up front with cost and nothing is outrageously priced. I know he will always do what is in the best interest of my dogs, and I trust him implicitly.
Annie R.

My name is Max and I am a 12-year-old poodle. I don’t like most pet doctors because they’re always up my butt and hurting me. But Dr. Priddy is really different. He’s kind and gentle and gives me treats and always makes me feel better. That’s why we followed him from where he used to work to the Dallas Veterinary Clinic. My mom likes him, too.
Faith E.

Dr. Priddy obviously cares about his patients and is very thorough. Compared to other vet clinics in the area, his prices are very reasonable. We’ve recommended our friends to him and they’re now loyal clients.
Keli J.

I have been a long term customer of Dallas Vet Clinic for 40 years. Between Dr. Mark and Dr. Ashley Priddy, Dallas Vet has cared for over 16 dogs and cats in the past 40 years, plus one rabbit, Oscar! I am so relieved and confident with Dr. Priddy caring for each of my 3 dogs. He has been so thorough, informative, and helpful with each one. He is so compassionate with each of my dogs; I have no worries with Dr. Priddy! We are so lucky to have him. Thank you!!!!
Barbara M.

We have been taking our dogs to the Dallas Veterinary Clinic for over 20 years. We wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. Our dogs have always received excellent care. In our opinion Dr. Tolleson and Dr. Priddy are the best in the city. Highly recommend them.
Barry P.

I have used this vet for three years, the service is always great and if your pet is sick they will do everything they can to get you in last minute. If they can’t provide a service in house they will refer you to the appropriate specialist. I have never had a bad experience here.
Robert P.

The people here were awesome! The facility was clean and welcoming, and they were kind, patient, and understanding with my special-care dog and myself (who is a first-time dog owner). My dog and i were both very comfortable being there, and i have absolutely every intention of returning!
Jessica G.

My Australian shepherds have been going to Dallas Vet. for nine years and have always received the best of care. The staff is beyond helpful, quick to recognize a familiar face and treat your animal as if it were their own when on the examination table. I’ve done my research and you truly can’t beat the prices for vaccinations, examinations and prescriptions, ESPECIALLY in the Lake Highlands/Lakewood area. Dr. Priddy is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and very level headed. I’ve never left feeling like he was charging me too much. My only word of advice would be to ask who is conducting grooming and what the specific charges will be prior to you leaving your animal. In the past, it seems that different groomers have charged differently for the same treatment.
Lindsey L.

If you haven’t been to Dallas Veterinary Clinic (75 @ Walnut Hill) Dr. Priddy is the new owner and is the most caring vet I’ve ever known. The staff is equally caring and their prices are very reasonable. If you’re looking for a vet I recommend them hands down.
Tiffany W.

We’ve been coming to DVC for about 2 years. It was originally run by Dr. Tolleson but he has since retired. It’s now run by Dr. Priddy, and both of them have provided our dog exceptional care! Very knowledgeable and the staff is very nice. We love coming here!
Lauren S.

If you are looking for an affordable and friendly vet, look no further. Dr.Priddy and the staff of DVC make going to vet seem like a walk in the park. He treats each patient like his own and keeps me up to date on vaccinations and treatments to keep my pets healthy. My kitty cat an pup dog give DVC 4 paws up!
Colton F.

What a wonderful, caring place! We have been seeing Dr. Priddy for years and have now followed him to his own clinic. I will never forget his compassion when we lost our beloved dog to lymphoma. He is passionate, thoughtful and has a true gift with animals. He also has a heart for animals in need and has donated items to the DFW Lab Rescue. We have used may veterinarians and he is truly one of the best. His office staff also reflects the same characteristics. Our rescues can’t wait to receive their love and affection!
B.K. S.

Dr. Ashley Priddy and his staff are AWESOME. Cubby (my BEST FRIEND in the world) has been a patient of Dr. Priddy’s for several years. Cubby and I think that Dr. Priddy is one of the BEST Vets on the planet. He is very knowledgeable, caring, thorough, and sensitive to Cubby’s and my needs and feelings. I have complete and total trust in Dr. Priddy. If you desire the best possible care for your furry friend, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ashley Priddy at the Dallas Veterinary Clinic .
James B.

Recently brought my new puppy to this practice and am very pleased with his care. Dr Priddy is so gentle and calming with my golden retriever and my dog loves the Dr like family. The dr didn’t push any extra and expensive tests or treatments, and always explained all options. Very pleased!!
Tucker B.

First class Dr. and staff. Highly recommend!
Ken M.

I’ve lived with cats for over a decade and had never found THE vet. Sometimes I’ve even thought, “How is this your job?” from observing vets with no compassion. This place is sooo much better. I’ve finally found THE vet I’ve been looking for! The office staff is so sweet, the prices are awesome, and Dr. Priddy was the best! You can tell everyone there wants to be there because they actually love animals. I was scheduled to take my cat to Petsmart for boarding after he received the appropriate shots. After our vaccine visit, I immediately canceled my Petsmart boarding so he could instead stay in such a loving environment at the clinic. I can rest much easier knowing he’s in good hands, and am glad to finally not dread going to the vet in the future Annnnd they have the cutest clinic kitty ever! She’s a Siamese that will totally get in your lap for loving and say hi to your nervous fur family in the carrier <3
Fatima H.

Dr. Ashley Priddy is one of the most compassionate and competent DVM’s I’ve experienced. I highly recommend the Dallas Veterinary Clinic which is conveniently located at the intersection of Central Expressway (US-75) and Walnut Hill.
Jason H.

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